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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Creating a Mock Vanilla Processing Distribution

It is possible to create a distribution version of processing from the git version. I wanted a mock version to use in my development version of ruby-processing.
These are the steps for a linux64 distribution:-
  1. Build the git version from the build folder
  2. cd linux/work
  3. mkdir processing-2.1.1
  4. mkdir processing-2.1.1/modes
  5. cp -rf modes/java processing-2.1.1/modes
  6. cp -rf core processing-2.1.1
  7. tar czvf processing-2.1.1-linux64.tgz processing-2.1.1
I do this so that I can test the latest development version of processing in ruby-processing.

Clone processing from github here:-
Updated 6 November 2013, to match github and most recent pre-version

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